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5 Bridal parties Who Rocked Mismatched Dresses

What do you get when you cross Stone Fox Bride , The Black Tux , and Time Inc.os The Drive ? A killer collection of classic just Married cars adorned in pom poms, feathers, and flowersjplus a crew of smoking-hot automotive experts dressed in their Sunday best.

Meet the men behind the foxy car culture website and peruse some seriously cool getaway cars.

1. Eric Goeres, 44, General Manager

In His Shoes: pI would call myself a new traditionalist. Iom usually in army pants and an oxford shirt.q

Style Icon: pCary Grant was pure class.q

For the Record: pI hate going to weddings in new York City. The last one was on Fifth Avenue. I was like, ngreat, Iom still here in new York, taking a taxi to a wedding.oq

Fantasy Wedding: pI would love to go to the wedding of princess Grace and prince Rainier III. I would take my small dog as my date and spend the after-party drinking vodka and lighting up the dance floor.q

Credits: Car, 1989 BMW E30 M3 from Classic Car Club of Manhattan; double-breasted tuxedo and accessories by The Black Tux; The Rita dress by Stone Fox Bride

2. Edouard portelette, 43, SVp General Manager of the Foundry

In His Shoes: pIf Iom feeling casual, denim sneakers and a japanese sweatshirt. If Iom in a formal mood, a handmade shirt and jacket from Italy.

Style Icon: " Steve Mcqueen"

For the Record: pI loved my wedding. We got married in an old mansion in Connecticutjthere was a lot of dancing to French house and Caribbean music and great Haitian-French food. At two in the morning, we hopped into a convertible Sebring Chrysler convertible and drove to a bed and breakfast.q

Fantasy Wedding: "jim Morrisonos wedding to Rihanna. I would wear a bespoke tuxedo, take my wife as my date and spend the after party drinking good rum.q

Credits: Car, 1969 porsche 911 from Classic Car Club of Manhattan; tan suit and accessories by The Black Tux; Anita caftan by Stone Fox Bride; pom pom garlands by Dana Haim

3. josh Condon, 38, Deputy Editor

In His Shoes: pIom preppy, but I also appreciate formal neapolitan style.q

Style Icon: ppaul newman.q

For the Record: pThe best wedding Iove ever been to was in an orange grove in Tel Aviv. There was no formal guest list: people came and went and invited their friends. We danced to house music and drank beer all night.q

Fantasy Wedding: pF. Scott Fitzgerald's wedding to Zelda. I would wear a double-breasted Harris tweed suit and take my wife as my date. Iod spend the after party trying to sneak a peek into everyoneos notebooks.q

Credits: Car, 1988 Toyota Fj; Black Watch Tartan Tuxedo by The Black Tux and editoros own accessories; The Astrid skirt by Honor for Stone Fox Bride

4. Max Goldberg, 26, Assistant Editor

Style Icon: pI donot know what that is.q

For the Record: pMy brotheros wedding was very sweet. It was at a resort in Maine during the last weekend of the season so we could do whatever we wanted. The night before he got married, all the guests skinny dipped in Sebago Lake until 6 a.m.q

Fantasy Wedding: ppaul newman to Kate Hudson. I would take my girlfriend, Connie, and wear a dark suit with random hints of camo for no reason. Iod spend the after party riding dirt bikes.q

Credits: Car: 2015 Lamborghini Huracan from Classic Car Club of Manhattan; Rose Shawl Collar Tuxedo by The Black Tux; The Coco Slip dress by Stone Fox Bride

5. Michael Spinelli, 47, Executive Video producer

In His Shoes: pMy style is sort of naging failed punk rock.'q

Style Icon: pjack Black.q

For the Record: pThe worst wedding Iove ever been to was at a beach club in new Rochelle. I was trying to impress my new girlfriend but my friend ned Flanagan got pretty toasted and tried to stab my prime rib with his steak knife. My girlfriend was so freaked out she said; nI never want to see any of your friends againo.q

Fantasy Wedding: pnick and nora from The Thin Man . I would wear pinstripes and a pocket watch, take Barbara Stanwyck as my date and spend the after party drinking martinis on a train to Chicago.q

Credits: Car: 2016 McLaren 570S from Classic Car Club of Manhattan; Low Cut Tuxedo Vest, pants, and accessories by The Black Tux; The Lucinda dress by Stone Fox Bride

6. Mike Guy, 44, Editor In Chief

In His Shoes: pThoughtfully casual. I usually just wear jeans, boots, and whatever shirt is closest to my hand when I open the closet.q

Style Icon: pWhatos that?q

For the Record: pI got so drunk at my friendos wedding once that the groom stopped speaking to me for three years.q

Fantasy Wedding: pShirley Muldowney to Steve Mcqueen. I would take both my daughters as my date, wear a Slayer T-shirt and spend the after party drawing unicorns on the walls with crayon.q

Credits: Car: 1966 Chevy C10 from Classic Car Club of Manhattan; Charcoal suit and accessories by The Black Tux; The jill dress by Stone Fox Bride; shoes by Imagine Vince Camuto